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American Jews Are Increasingly Critical Of Policy

Allan Brownfeld, Editor
Special Interest Report
May-June 1998

In February, a poll was released by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, umbrella organization of local community relations councils and national agencies. Among the findings (as reported in The Washington Jewish Week, Feb. 26, 1998):  

• 70 percent of the respondents support pressure on both Netanyahu and Arafat.  

• 60 percent say that the Netanyahu government has unnecessarily yoked the Palestinians. Among leaders, criticism jumped to 68 percent.  

• On the question of Jewish settlements, 62 percent of the grassroots and 64 percent of the leaders agree with the statement that "Israel should freeze further settlements" on the West Bank.  

• On a Palestinian state, 79 percent among both the grassroots and the leaders say the Palestinians have a right to an independent state that doesn’t threaten Israel.  

• On matters relating to religious pluralism, 80 percent of the grassroots say men and women should be allowed to pray together in the vicinity of the Western wall and 89 percent say Israel should recognize conversions performed in Israel by Reform and Conservative rabbis.  

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